Treasure Map



Allow me to be wrong.

Before the election I said the Right was rising. I guess I spoke prematurely.

During my spartan autopsy of the recent election, it has occurred to me that the horizon may not have been as Red as I thought.

In the days leading up to the election, I sifted through the countless possibilities of the electoral map. Even afterwards, I still sit through the map, adding a state here, assuming a state there.

The epiphany? Romney never had a chance. All Obama needed (aside from his dependable states) was Ohio and another swing state. Hell, there was even a scenario whereby if Romney won Ohio, Florida AND Virginia, he still would have lost.

As it turned out, Obama won every single swing state along with Virginia, Ohio and Florida.

Romney never had it. And if I picked up on that before the election, you can sure as hell bet Mitt’s camp and the GOP upper ilk noticed the numbers too.

Some seemed in denial on the surface of it. But they had to know. They stuck to their guns and Right-skewed polls like Rassmussen in order to give the appearance of confidence, hoping it would fool potential voters. Red pundits understand that reality doesn’t matter to most people. It’s all about perception.

But the election sure felt like a painful reality for the Right.

It’s now the aftermath and many conservatives have said they should have had a better candidate, a more conservative candidate. The way I see it, Romney was their best hope.

I say that because of the swing state massacre along with a few additional observations. Gay marriage ballot initiatives passed. Despite federal law, one state legalized marijuana. To state the obvious: the majority, albeit a slim one, didn’t want a conservative president. A more dyed-in-the-wool Neo-con would have lost by a wider margin.

Obama is one of the most liberal presidents we’ve had since LBJ. If voters opted for him over a moderate Republican, a more conservative candidate would not have had a chance. America is more centrist than conservatives want to believe. Clearly with the election results, the majority showed this country they want to keep things left of center. A nation with a growing number of states allowing gay marriage, legalizing marijuana, electing gay senators and voting to keep a Democratic majority is not a conservative nation.

What does this mean for Right ideals like denying global warming, cutting tax rates and helping the rich? Not sure yet. That body is still on ice awaiting autopsy. I’ll leave the slicing and dicing analysis to the Reds.

I do know the backlash has started though. Obama talked about global warming in his victory speech. That’s the first mention of it since 2010.


Factual Factfest


Facts just don’t matter anymore.

This presidential race keeps proving one fact time and time again: if you say something enough times, people eventually will believe it.

Barack Obama keeps spreading a “fact” that Mitt Romney once supported legislation to outlaw all abortions, even those in case of rape or incest. Romney’s camp constantly says that Obama removed a work requirement for people seeking welfare benefits.

Wrong and wrong.

Romney said in a 2007 debate that he would not support banning abortion in case of rape or incest. Obama left the decision regarding work requirements up to states; he never eliminated it. Guess who asked for the right to adjust the work requirements? GOP governors.

But none of this is important really. Most voters don’t do their own fact checking and they sure as hell don’t read PolitiFact or Fact checkers do their damnedest but no one listens. Apparently nobody likes the guy who starts off a conversation with “Actually…”

Where does this come from? Ironically, it’s too much choice. With the Internet, Fox News and MSNBC, people can live in their opinion 24/7 now. It has created so much division in the past 15 years that the facts behind a politicians statements mean little.

And Republicans, Democrats, pundits and political strategists flood the airwaves and Internet tubes with the same shit because they know people don’t care.