Madness Control


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Tragedy. Nothing brings people around like dead children.

Despite our Second Amendment right to keep a gun, politicians will almost automatically start looking at gun control measures after the devastation at the Connecticut elementary school. There has been just too many mad man shootings in the past year to ignore. A shopping mall, a school, a movie theatre, a mosque. It has been endless.

For a few years now, gun control has been a topic which politicians have been remarkably and uncharacteristically mute. Despite the constant barrage of socialist accusations, Obama has done nothing to pass any gun control laws. Even after the Colorado movie theater shooting, O’s people said they would not be looking to ban any weapons.

That hasn’t stopped trigger-happy, gunpowder-sniffing firearms fans from stocking up on ammo during his presidency. Women in record numbers have been getting their handgun licenses. There are lines to shooting ranges everywhere.

Obama has been the best thing that has ever happened to gun dealers. But the man has done nothing to lock the triggers.

I think now he has to.

How do we pursue it? I’ve never been a gun control advocate because it only takes guns away from law-abiding citizens. Americans also have the Constitutional right to own a firearm. Guns are a part of our culture. Bottom line: they’re not going anywhere. No matter how many kids die, none of that changes.

But, Adam Lanza was a law-abiding citizen as was his mother, who owned the guns he used to kill first graders.

A simple assault weapons ban likely will be the likely scenario. NRA followers will throw out their old arguments. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Criminals will find a way to get a hold of guns illegally.

Gun control proponents will counter with their standbys. Fewer guns mean fewer shootings. If we can’t get rid of them, let’s at least reduce the number of them out there.

To me, here’s the answer. If we’re going to control guns, let’s control the damned things. Firearms need to be licensed to users. The government have to set up an agency that establishes all of the rigorous restrictions. No criminals. No mental patients. The licenses have to be renewed. They have to swear to safety measures. In other words, make the fucking things hard to get ahold of, not illegal. Keep the casual users from buying them as easy as it is to get a case of beer at a grocery store.

That makes sense. If a person with a seizure order can’t drive a car, how can someone mentally unstable or a con be able to buy a gun?

People do kill people. The issue though, is guns industrialize killing. A flick of the finger can take someone’s life. A trigger is easier than a knife or a bomb.

Something like that has to be controlled.