Remove the Mask

maskWe all live behind facades. We all have habits, traits, flaws and more that we don’t want the world to see. HIdden with those secrets are also talents, beauties and other great things that we don’t realize are tied to our depths.

What real benefit is there to keeping yourself bottled up? What do you gain by hiding your soul from the world? What are we shielding ourselves from?

My guess is ridicule. That urge to remain faceless in the crowd is driven by a desire to prevent being a loser. We don’t mind exhibiting eccentricities when we’re successful. But when those offbeat attributes really don’t help us achieve anything significant in this world, then eccentric habits really are just weird.

That is a tragedy.

It takes courage to be yourself and to be who you really want to be. Unmasking who you are to the world can open yourself up to vicious scrutiny. People will point fingers at you. They’ll call you a freak. Why? Because all of those people who strive to remain faceless in the crowd love pointing out the weirdos so the crowd’s attention is shied away from them.

It’s an interesting human foible, to want to hide behind normalcy.

Sure we want success. We believe that success somehow frees us because then it doesn’t matter what people think so long as we have accomplished something. This is not the case however. Successful people often are themselves long before they obtain their success. In fact, that openness about who they are is probably what lead them to success.

Maybe that’s how we should truly measure the brass ring. We shouldn’t look at victory as a way of liberation. Liberation is not the goal, it is the path. Once you decide to shed the layers of camouflage and just be yourself, then you are successful. Then you can go after what you want, because it is when you are yourself that you are best prepared.

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