Old Life II


I was interviewing him because he was charged with murdering his wife. He shot her after an argument, one of several.

He was driving his car and she was driving hers. When they passed each other at an intersection he reached out if his car window with a gun and shot her through her window. He tried to commit suicide, putting the barrel in his mouth when police got to the scene. The cops talked him into surrendering.

It was definitely one of the oddest husband-on-wife homicides I’d covered.

He told me when I interviewed him that he was joking with her. “Playing around” he called it. He wasn’t trying to kill her, he said.

I never understood why guys confess murder to a journalist. Usually it’s for attention, I think. Sometimes I wonder if it’s to spite the detectives who they refused to talk to. He was the second defendant who opened up about his crime to me.

This guy told me he wanted to apologize to his mother-in-law. He never had a family, he explained. He grew up in a broken home, parents were never around. Neglect. Abuse. You name it.

When he married, his in-laws became his family, especially his wife’s mother.

He repeated over and over, he just wanted to tell her he was sorry about what he did. That’s why he let me interview him.

I’m not sure what that meant to her. She wouldn’t return my calls to talk to about his confession.

I did get subpoenaed. My notes were copied for the prosecutors. The guy plead out though. Fifty years. I didn’t have to testify.

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