A Growing Life


A year ago today, my daughter Grace was born. It was not a good birth and she wound up entering this world in an emergency C-section.

It was scary. Then once she was born, my wife had preeclampsia. Scarier. We were at the hospital for five days before mom and baby were healthy enough to go home.

A lot’s changed since that day. We went through the months of waking up in the middle of the night, searching for a daycare, taking her to the doctor, dealing with coughs, hearing her laugh for the first time, seeing her crawl. It’s been a lot in just short 12 months.

She’s beautiful too. Everywhere we go, people stop us and talk to her, telling her how cute and sweet she is. It’s like she’s a celebrity or something.

I named this blog Sublime Life in part because of what I experienced when I first saw my daughter. It was beyond what you can feel and describe. It was a deep sensation and my soul was stirred. Things were different, forever.

You’ll notice my Instagram feed on the right is full of pictures of Grace. I have something worth sharing now on social media. I event spent hours upon hours to make the four-minute video of her first year.

I find myself happy for no reason. I smile when she comes home and she smiles at me. The simple developments are enough to fill me with joy.

In short, it’s been sublime.

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