White Decline


So the white people herd is starting to thin.

And we shouldn’t be surprised.

A recent U.S. Census analysis showed that for the first time likely in American history, more white folk died than were born in the last year. A slim majority, 50.1 percent, of children are white.

Even during an influenza epidemic, whites still continued to grow.

So what cut down caucasians even when the Spanish flu couldn’t? My guess: greed, in a sense anyway. Children are expensive and we don’t want to have children when we can’t afford it.

I say it’s greed because whites still earn vastly more on average than minorities, again according to the U.S. Census Bureau. They can most afford to have children and yet they have less kiddos. I guess they’re choosing to adopt Weimaraners instead.

America is changing and that tide is beginning to break against the shore. What does it mean for the future of our collective national identity? Sure we’ll become more diverse and there will be a more intense fusion of cultural mores. But what happens beyond that?

Will our education disparity remain tilted toward whites? Will the income gap ever close? Will true equality finally be close enough to grasp?

What I worry about most is how it will all manifest. Despite the fact whites are receding, they still hold the helm. How long will it take before they begin to share the top of the mountain with everyone else?

More importantly, will whites allow that equilibrium to happen or will they put up a fight? How hard will they cling to their past?

We’ll see.

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