Someone to Hate

equal sign

Blacks. Communists. Jews. Catholics. Liberals. Muslims. Mexicans. The Post Office. Queers. Republicans. Terrorists. The DMV line.

It seems that we always have to have someone, some race, some religion, SOMETHING to hate. I am 33 years old and I still, as of yet, don’t understand the emotion. No matter what’s going in this world, we have this undying urge to point some entity out and hate it.

It doesn’t matter what this thing has really done to us. It doesn’t matter why we must focus on it. We know only that we have to zero in on something with a searing eye and make sure that it knows we don’t like it.

Today the Supreme Court heard arguments about gay marriage and why it should be a constitutional right. A decision is expected in June. There’s a sense that the court might throw out the case on procedural grounds rather than actually address the issue.

There are those who point to the Bible or the Koran or some religious-based study on kids adopted by gays, to say that homosexuals cannot get married. Somehow, they believe, that two men marrying each other will affect all of us and will rip the social fabric that keeps society together. Maybe they think it will help the terrorists.

If society stays bundled together only because gays can’t marry, then there’s something completely wrong with society.

I often find those who cling to tradition and religion to oppose something, are also the type of people who think that if something is icky, it’s wrong. You’ll notice a lot of things that people find gross end up being deviant behavior.

It takes a long time for that deviant perception to wear off and for society to accept what’s different. It took 300 years for African-Americans to go from slaves to being able to eat at the same lunch counter as whites. It took more than 100 years for women to be able to vote.

With 80 percent of people younger than 30 approving of gay marriage, it’s only a matter of time before homosexuals will be able to take to the altar.

But it’s the motivation behind the opposition that bothers me so much. If we really believe in this all-loving God, whether he’s Yaweh or Allah, how loving can He condemn two people for loving each other? I don’t think it matters what St. Paul said or what’s written in the Koran. A book is holy only because people make it holy. And it is people who wrote those books.

Any all-loving God would look down on a loving couple and smile. He’d rejoice that two people found each other and would want to dedicate their lives to each other.

More importantly, how could this all-loving God be happy with followers who are constantly looking for someone to deny? If we really believe in a God who’s all about love and tolerance and forgiveness, then I think He would be looking for, and cherishing, those who also are loving, forgiving and tolerant.

I don’t believe that God wants us to constantly find differences and decry them. God does not want us to hate.

But we do.

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