Right Correction


As I’ve said before, white anger is no longer enough for conservatives.

In the ongoing autopsy of the November defeat, the GOP has been going over the demographics that defeated them and they are considering alternative views to reach out to those demographics, mainly Hispanics.

Yes, when you try to ship off a people’s relatives to Mexico, they tend not to vote for you.

The GOP is also discovering that young people are tired of the morality legislation, banning gay marriage, requiring ultrasounds for abortions, etc. etc. In short, conservatives are seen as stodgy, anti-everything zealots.

This week’s CPAC was a circus of freaks, a showcase of a flailing party that has no head. Some say their presidential candidates are too milquetoast and not conservative enough. Others say white people are a dying breed and they need to get a piece of the Hispanic pie.

The real question will be, are they going to change the message or are they going to color their current platform in a different coat of paint? Maybe they think the elephant will look better in purple.

Are they going to change course on immigration? Are they going to push for gay marriage? Are they going to stop their efforts to curb women’s reproductive rights? Are they going to stop fusing religion with every piece of rhetoric they spew?

OR are they just going to stop focusing on the aforementioned issues and talk only about fiscal responsibility, small government and personal liberties? It’s no secret that the burgeoning electorate are fiscally conservative and socially progressive.  By shifting focus purely to the economy, conservatives will try to put a blanket on those pesky social views.

It might work because at the end of the day, no matter what anyone thinks about gay marriage, the economy is paramount. Socially progressive or not, young people, like old people, still don’t want to pay their taxes.

But conservatives will have to walk a careful line. As they learned in November those social issues may sometimes eclipse fiscal issues. Sometimes personal freedom is a bit more important than a tax loophole.

The conundrum is, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it can’t be a dove. Conservatives have long been a philosophy motivated by fear and anger. That can only last so long. Eventually, they will have to come to terms with the fact that the country is beginning to veer left socially and there may be no turning back.


  1. “It might work because at the end of the day, no matter what anyone thinks about gay marriage, the economy is paramount.”

    As you pointed out later in your post, much of America voted on social issues and set aside the economic situation, bad as it is. Clearly the economy wasn’t the most important issue to the majority of Americans who voted for the incumbent.

    I think the problem with the Republican party is they’re divided and trying to choose their policies based on public opinion, which demonstrates a lack of leadership in the party. People see through that. I’ll give the democrats props on this—I think they have a philosophical position and they really believe it. Of course I think they’re wrong, but genuine nonetheless. There’s much more to politics than pragmatism.

  2. It is interesting to me to read other peoples opinions about conservatism and the Republican Party. I agree with the above response that the party is divided and that is a problem but moreover I think that the system is broken and that our party system creates such a divide in our country that nothing that would actually help this country can get done…such as dealing with our economic issues if people continue to “take sides” with their party due to loyalty and the differing opinions.
    My beliefs are more closely aligned with the conservative view point but I have a humanist heart. And think that if we can be respectful of others views whether we agree or disagree…that act of respect would go a long way in bridging the gap that divides this country…I don’t think it is wrong to have differing stances on the key issues you discussed…variety is the spice of life. But what needs to be remembered is that we are all humans and have a place and a purpose in this life. And I know that my opinion on abortion, immigration and gay marriage come from a place of love not judgment and if you truly listen to someone who’s opinion is different than yours you may be surprised how much you really have in common.

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