Education War


We’re reaching this point in society where a person has no value unless they have some sort of technical skill. We want more engineers and not art historians. We want people who can fix electrical systems, not explain the nature of reality. We want process technicians, welders, accountants, nurses, lawyers. We don’t want people who do things that produce only ethereal ideas.

Why is this? I don’t know. I think some of it is jealousy. There are many who just don’t find it right that there are people in this world who do nothing but walk around and teach Shakespeare. They don’t want to see their tax dollars go to some scholar who teaches the philosophy of some Frenchman whose name they don’t recognize nor could they spell or pronounce.

There’s a war on this type of education and it’s dangerous. We have come to a point where the fine arts, philosophy and even several sciences are considered excesses that we don’t need. Opponents of these ancillary fields believe that they provide no worth and that it’s a waste of time researching, developing and educating students about things most common folk don’t understand. They don’t see why people should spend time in college learning about Plato and the Allegory of the Cave.

If this continues and we do reach a point where high brow, philosophical knowledge is eschewed, guess what takes the place of thinkers? Bloggers. Youtube videos. Reddit memes.

Music, movies, TV? We’ll never have to worry about that. This is because they entertain and it’s easily accessible.

I’m a blogger. While I work hard to get people to think, I don’t ever expect to replace the likes of Bauldrillard or Zizek or any professor who would teach them.

Why is philosophy so important? Because it helps us develop how we think about the world, our relationships and, most importantly, ourselves. Better knowledge of who we are and how we think can only benefit humanity.

We can’t abandon that simply because it can’t produce sprockets.

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