The Simple Story

(R. Crumb)

Apologies in advance for the pop culture kick. Two in a row.

Just recently I discovered the work of Harvey Pekar. American Splendor. What a thing. It’s like a graphic novel if Charles Bukowski wrote graphic novels.

I think what attracted me to it was the simplicity. I like simplicity. Look at my blog. A title, a subhead. Black and white image and one column of text.

It’s ironic because my writing tends to be rather superfluous and redundant and cluttered.

The beauty of Pekar’s stuff is how straightforward the story is. No agenda. No big idea. It’s simply a portrait of his staid life, visceral though it can be.

Some of these core ideals are getting lost in entertainment and media these days. Sometimes the best art forms in life is the straight story. Just tell us what happened.

Truth also is usually more evident straight up. Lies and untruths are intricate, spread out with many different avenues. The opposite can be true of course. Truth can be buried in information and lies can be disguised in brevity. But that’s rarely the case.

When it comes to art and a lot of other things in life, we should work harder to look for the direct truth instead of the more winding, convoluted scenic route of distraction.

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