Subjection and Entertainment


The days of objectivity are gone.

People may tell you they want objectivity in their news but they’re full of shit. They want conjecture, opinion, rants, sound bites, etc. They don’t want facts, differing views or analysis.

In short, people want to hear what they want to hear. They won’t tell you that though. The public says it wants facts, when they really want entertainment. People want the latest on the Kardashians, not Jim Lehrer’s insight on the federal budget.

Example. Go to Yahoo and read a news story. Scroll to the bottom and read the user comments. They’re listed according to how many votes they get from other users who like the posts.

Some of the posters offer straight up opinion based on what’s in the story. These people usually get little to no votes. Guess who gets the most thumbs up? The most visceral, outlandish posts get the most nods from readers. I saw one top post on an Enron retrospective story that said “they’re all CROOKS!” and that was it. The post had 500+ who liked it while more sobering comments had no votes at all.

Short bits like that, that require no thinking or effort to read, is what people want.

That’s sad.

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