Flu Blues



Dear Evolution,

I really wanted to thank you for demonstrating that you are in fact the method by which life progresses both to the benefit and detriment of mankind. I’ve always felt a close connection to you what with all the time I spent in biology and philosophy courses discussing your fundamentals established by Charles Darwin.

While we can always argue that God kicked you in to gear or that you came along and began yourself, you no doubt have expressed that you are definitely in charge when it comes to biological laws.

There are those who doubt you. After all, you challenge the very basic notion of God’s role in life and its ever-changing nature.

But you demonstrate your might on a regular basis, most notably in life’s smaller forms including bacteria and viruses.

Just three weeks ago I received a shot for influenza in hopes of staving off a possible infection. I have a 4-month-old baby and was doing my best to preserve her still pristine immune system.

I was assured that the particular inoculation I received was engineered to combat the particular strain of influenza passing around these days.

Just yesterday, after dealing with a bout of chills and sore muscles, a nurse jammed a swab up my nose to test for the flu. Results came back— Type A.

The doctor told me that the flu shot this year has been quite effective, although I was the second patient that day to report getting the flue after getting the vaccine.

Thanks for nothing Evolution. This is what I get for defending you.






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