Covenient Capitalism

Oil Barrel. Blue Oil Barrel, Metal Lid. Isolated.


It’s all fun and games until the oil runs out.

Every day more people are born and every day we keep sucking out drops of oil that can’t be replaced. Not to worry, capitalists tell us. Keep playing. Keep living your life. Don’t worry about the depleting supply of product that fuels our lifestyle.

As Ruppert said, oil is in everything. It’s in our paints, plastics, tires, building materials. On top of this of course, it powers the transportation methods used to move food, retail and people from one locale to another. Population is going up while the well is running dry. The math doesn’t lie.

For so long capitalism has been king because we’ve done quite well with it.

I think there will come a time when capitalism will no longer be practical for our overall survival. As human numbers continue to grow and our worldly largesse continues to dwindle at a rapid pace, consumption will have to be based on cooperation if we as a species want to remain on this Earth.  We may have to consider what’s best for all and not what’s best for “me and mine.”

We could go down the dark path: where capitalism remains an element of our social dynamic. Then, instead of cooperation, we’ll have all-out wars for food, water, fuel. The sky’s the limit. We’ll eat each other.

Now capitalists will tell you that won’t happen. I’m talking about the hardcore capitalists; the ones who go home every night and jack off to Ayn Rand and Wealth of Nations. Capitalism fuels competition and innovation. Therefore, if capitalism is allowed to remain in place, solutions will be discovered and once again, our selfishness will be our salvation. Nope. Sorry.

What exactly are you going to innovate when you run out of resources to market?

If the cooperation idea sounds like socialism, it is somewhat, but not in a political sense. Native Americans and a world of indigenous peoples have built societies on co-op economies. They didn’t do it for altruistic reasons either. They chose it because of the limited resources around them and the desire to help their own persevere.

Cooperation or greed? Which way are we going to go?

I’m betting on the latter. That “me and mine” mentality is primal. The instinct is so strong that we’ll fight each other to the death for the lives of ours.

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