Legislating Wrong


For a group of people who claim to care about privacy and modesty, the anti-gay lobby is pretty intent on legislating what can, or can’t happen in people’s bedrooms.

They base it on religion. There’s Leviticus, Romans, etc. that label homosexual activity as an abomination. (Leviticus also says children should be killed if they strike or cuss at their parents. Adulterers also are supposed to be put to death (don’t hear a lot of political action on that one)).

Funny how people pick and choose from the Bible about what’s really wrong and worth attacking. Forget violence, corporate fraud, wars and poverty. The gays have to go.

Let’s talk about the real reason people find homosexuality offensive— it’s because they find it disgusting. I wish people would just admit it. They want to outlaw gay marriage because it’s icky. The idea of two men kissing each other makes them sick.

Funny how things considered gross are sometimes labeled as morally wrong. Pigs eat their own shit, therefore eating pigs is wrong. A woman having her period is unclean, so she shouldn’t be able to handle food or go to church. Yep, disgust = wrong.

I’m not going to lie. The image of two men having sex makes me cringe to the point of convulsions. Guess what though, it doesn’t make homosexuality wrong.

If the anti-gay battalions really believe in the Judeo-Christian God, then I can’t understand why they feel God would condemn two people for loving each other.

Why shouldn’t two people in love with each other be allowed to combine their finances, their resources, their belongings, their lives?

And more to the point, why is it anyone else’s business that they choose to do it?


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