Borderline Accomplice


“A bird flying south, you think he sees this line? Rattlesnake? Javelina? Whatever you got. You think halfway across that line they start thinking different? Why should a man?”

-Chucho Montoya, “Lone Star”

One of my biggest issues in illegal immigration is the inherent complicity by the U.S.

This is simple.

Why are people risking life, limb and their children to get across the border to America? Well there’s a whole host of reasons but chief among them are better opportunities and to escape violence.

What is the source of full-tilt violence in Mexico, Central America and South America? Easy. It’s all related to drugs, in some form or capacity. It could be territory. It could be smuggling routes. It could be competition. The bottom line is cartels and gangs are slaughtering each other and everyone around them for a share in the drug market.

Where exactly are the cartels and gangs trying to ship their product? Well, they’re certainly not trying to get across the U.S. to sell their wares in Canada. America is the end consumer. We are the ones who buy the product. Whether we will ever admit it or not, the violence in Mexico and Central America is funded by profits from drug sales in the U.S.

Where are the cartels getting their weapons? America. The vast majority of firearms confiscated by police originate from the U.S. So not only are we giving them the money to fund their war, we’re also putting the guns in their hands to wage it.

The last question.

We fund the war in Mexico by buying their drugs. We sell them the weapons to kill. How can we then turn a cold shoulder to the people who are trying to get away from it? We help create some of the worst violence in the world and yet tell the refugees, “No, no, no. You stay on your side of the line.”

There definitely are other factors to the scores of immigrants trying to come into our country. But the raging fire of the cartel wars will continue to smolder. And that will cause a swelling tide of immigrants trying to drift across the border.

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