White Anger


I think maybe it’s time for conservatives to do a little soul searching. Just a little, because denial kills.

No they weren’t trounced on Tuesday. They were beat. But the fact is they lost to an incumbent president in a sour economy. That says a lot. The president won every single swing state, except one, North Carolina. A state in the south, big shock.

For so long conservatives have expected the middle class to fall in line with their fiscal ideology and fundamentalist social agenda. They figured with a beleaguered, black commander in chief, that whites would pour into the polls by the millions to vote the bum out. Conservatives thought white guilt got the president in and it would take white ire to get him evicted.

At first, it seemed that the plan would work. There was pessimism with the economy; A LOT of pessimism. Unemployment was lowered but in all, remained high. Health insurance reform was somewhat unpopular. There was a tragedy in Libya. There were all the trappings for ousting the man they felt was responsible for so much depression.

And yet, it failed.

Why? Well conservatives didn’t count on the fact that women, Hispanics and a record number of minority voters would turn out in droves to keep Obama in office. Apparently when you only care about whites, it pushes the other potential voters away. You can’t tell Hispanics that you’re going to deport their relatives. You can’t tell women that rape is something “God Intended.” You can’t tell people without health insurance that they’re not entitled to it.

So sift through the ashes, cons, because the clues are there for you. While you only lost by 2 percent of the vote, it might as well have been a rout.

Don’t worry. Angry, self-righteous whites will still cling to your side. But you might want to consider getting rid of the zealots, Rove, Norquist, etc. You probably have to come out into the open with the fact you will do nothing about illegal immigration and you never intended to. Given the rising number of single mothers in this country, it’s imperative to understand that women do, in fact, care about their civil rights.

In short conservatives, you might have to think about being inclusive rather than exclusive. Stop fighting to limit people’s rights and start broadening them.

White anger is no longer enough.


  1. John, are you really painting with such a broad brush, judging all conservative people as driven by anger associated with the color of their skin? Or, assuming that all take the same view of each of the issues you touched on? This really seems simplistic and beneath your usual acumen. Don’t let the extremes you hate make you respond with extreme statements. It’s a trap designed to further extremism. Such a post, read by someone who does not feel the anger you espouse, may make them feel a new fear that could lead to anger. Remember Yoda’s admonition in Star Wars speaking to the fall of Anakin?

    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

    Just sayin’. We’re all under the temptation to the dark side my friend, not just people whose skin color happens to be white.

    1. I am merely stating that the strategy for conservatives and this election was to drive up anger among mostly white voters. CLEARLY, as evidenced by the 65-35 margin among minorities who voted for Obama, the Republicans did nothing to court their vote. They felt, and openly stated, that minority turnout would not be as high was it was in 2008. That says a lot about conservatives’ approach.

      I am making no statement about the people who voted for Romney or people themselves who are conservative. I am speaking of conservative leaders, who lately are pandering too much to the fringe (which includes the angry whites).

      So many conservative power players and entertainers (i.e. Rove, Hannity) are beyond belief about Obama’s win. They can’t come to grips with it. Rather than griping and crying over sour grapes, they should be trying to figure out what’s wrong with them, not the people who voted against them.

      I am not saying there is something wrong with conservative ideals. We DO NEED to do something about the deficit. There needs to be welfare reform. And we have to find a way to create a job-friendly climate. But for so long, generally speaking, it seems conservative LEADERS do not care about the other Americans.

      You’re right, perhaps I painted with too wide a red brush. But assuming that minorities won’t vote is doing the same thing.

      1. Yep, conservatives come in on so many planes of thought that I thought you may have been fixing your targeting pen with a bit of collateral damage. Many independents are conservative where their thinking conscience calls them to be, and liberal on some issues by the same calling.

        Personally, I often feel that the parties have been commercialized / socialized into a profit versus taxation robot war in which bloodless corporations and bloodless government socialism uses simplistic false choices to perpetually anger people in a war for votes & mandates. They want a power credit card. The approach continuously disenfranchises many.

        And, when one “wins” they pursue a robot’s platform, that is, a mindless bureaucratized (whether government flush or capital flush) platform that compromises with the other ideologic, robot solutions platform, and we get lousy, compromised policy. The electoral system that is could stand to become more intelligent. Reform posts on this topic could well be dissertations.

        That said, your honesty in this reply simply shows me that your writer’s ethos is alive and well and humility precedes elevation.

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