Really Real

Can anything be real that’s beyond evidence?

A soul? Love? Freedom? All of those Kantian notions that are beyond our empirical understanding, can they be experienced? We seem to think so.

So, if they’re experienced does it make them real? They can’t be explained. That’s a tough bridge to build across a gulf of human existence. We all have a different idea about the nature of love, freedom and God. We all have different experiences that manifest those ideas within ourselves.

I think they are real, because while our projections of ideals vary, we all still have our own projections. Love is something that exists only within each of us. Freedom is grasped on an individual basis. A tree is an idea. There is physical evidence of trees but they still have an idea behind them. We all have our own idea of what a tree is. If we were to each think of a tree, we would all imagine a different one.

So if an idea of something founded by empirical experience is considered real then why can’t something experienced with no physical evidence be real?

The only problem with that is, what’s to stop any idea from becoming real?

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