All Cause and No Rebellion

If your whole goal in life is to end hunger, end poverty, bring world peace, create government health care, cut Medicaid spending— what happens if you win?

Watching politics and the news, you see so many people on a mission. They espouse a political ideology that could never be achieved. Conservatives want to get rid of social welfare. Leftists want full government health care. Advocates have lofty goals regardless of their locus on the political landscape.

But to me, many of the people behind those ideas and movements are aware that ultimately they will never win. And they don’t care. It’s easy to sit in the back of the room and yell out your point of view knowing that you’ll never get called to the front. The method is effective however, in attracting followers.

What do you do though, when you get in? What happens when the bat boy is called to the plate? Are the advocates really prepared?

People can tout profound, extreme ideas when it will take extreme measures to implement. In some cases, when the idealogue does get his or her chance, they discover that it’s a bit more of a battle to exact real change. They have to compromise, mold their plan, negotiate and shift. They become stuck with a choice— bend and win or stiffen and lose. You bend, you lose credibility. You stiffen, you fail to realize your goal.

So what happens? They end up planting their feet in the back and continue screaming. This way, they’re beyond reproach and satisfy their ardent followers. Advocates can keep their street cred by taking daily doses of potshots.

True courage, true conviction, true heroism comes through flexibility and the sense to know when and how to pursue their objective. That takes compromise, which means accepting the fact that only a shell of your idea might ever see the light of day. Effectively, sparking change becomes the more important goal.

So many want to serve, but few want to sacrifice.

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  1. It keeps our country in a constant state of flux, a head 4 years, back 5.
    You get somewhere, just to realize it is where you’ve been. Our civil rights grew exponentially. Now they are receding, progress can’t be made our system is set up that way I feel. All these people want progress, but with distractions such as opinion instead of what is fair- we are stunted. They are not willing to make the compromise. I am a bit leftist when saying this but that is only one of my many perceptions. We need more benders (politicians). The voice of the people should be stiff. No more bending over for politicians is my conclusion. Politicians would benefit from the voice of the people. The votes of the people. Why not redo the system so that peoples opinions actually mattered?

    We have electoral votes. SO we vote why?

    We have (perception of) only two choices to make TWO CHOICES.

    Our independents are almost irrelevant do to funding.

    Our districts are sectioned in such a such away that votes can be bought.

    And yeah, we need people to have the courage to say what they need to say. Do what they think is right. But politicians need to respect that, and take it into consideration. Minorities are what founded this country, minorities with help of the majorities should prosper.

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