New Game

One of the things that annoys me about white people is that they assume the movement for equal rights is over. Black people, Hispanics, others, etc. It’s all finished now. We’re the same. There’s no need to focus on perceived inequities. We no longer have to make special exceptions.

These are the same people who bemoan any instance where minorities cry foul. They say that there’s no need to stir up racial tensions.

What these people don’t get is, it ain’t over. There are still problems with civil rights in this country. Black people and Hispanics still are treated differently than the rest of us. While there are now legal protections, subtle racist tendencies are still pervasive.

This is especially true in the criminal justice system.

Working in the courts as a reporter, I can tell you that juries give more consideration to white defendants as opposed to minority defendants. I covered a trial once for intoxication manslaughter. The defendant killed two people in a wreck — a man and his daughter. He was convicted. His sentence? Two years in prison for each death.

The defendant was white and the victims were Hispanic. Do you think if a Hispanic killed a white man and his white daughter that he would only get two years? Bullshit. Recall the case of Trayvon Martin who was unarmed and killed by a white Hispanic man who later claimed self defense. The suspect George Zimmerman was released that night. Months later Zimmerman was charged with murder, after blacks nationwide protested his release.

If a black man had killed an unarmed white Hispanic teenager, would he be going home that night without being charged? Bullshit.

These are the differences that white people just don’t see or don’t care to see. I’m white and honestly, it’s kind of arrogant to think that I can see all of the disparities. I realize that I can’t. We should all come to that realization. Whites can’t set the rules to what equality is, that itself is racist.

Can a true equality ever be achieved? No, it can’t. Humans are just too divisive. We don’t trust what we perceive as different. We have to pursue it though. Maybe at some point we’ll at least achieve an equilibrium.

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  1. I’m glad you got FP’d, I like your blog’s attitude.

    I’m not really a fan of minorities voicing their views. Though, I’m equally not a fan of people denying that minorities are mistreated. Anyone who doesn’t fit into one particular, elitist bubble is mistreated, really.

    Like you said, we don’t trust what we perceive as different. There’s been neuro-scientific studies to prove that when people are faced with information that they’ve not yet heard, their feeble brains flair up in the same way they would if encountering, for instance, a tiger; the new information causes the same sort of fear based – fight or flight – response that it would in the presence of physical danger.

    I reckon we need to create a totally new paradigm where we emphasise equality, generally, without exceptions. Adopt some Buddhist philosophies into mainstream Western thought. Aristotle has had his time, let’s move on.

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